Deluxe Motor Coach and Luxury Bus Rental in Los Angeles

With almost 10 years in the service, we know the challenges that you encounter when it comes to transportation. Be it for public transport or private vehicles, there are certain expectations or demands that are inevitable to experience; it might be the crowdedness of the terminals, the delays or cancellations in trips, the waiting and even the weather at times, these factors can possibly make your journey a big challenge, but there is a solution to these, especially if in a group, you can always hire the services of American Charter Bus. We have deluxe motor coaches in Los Angeles, making it easier for you to enjoy the trip and forget about your usual worries.

We are a luxury bus rental company in Los Angeles, California, catering to various groups, institutions, organizations and even persons who are in need of transportation solutions for an event, tour or the simple task of bringing a number of people to a pre-determined place. You are sure to appreciate the service that we provide because we know how to make your trip a convenient one. Choosing to ride our deluxe motor coaches in Los Angeles, allow you to enjoy the advantages brought about by our assistance; first and foremost, convenience. You can forget about standing in line to get a ticket and you can also avoid the hassle of delays or cancellations in the schedules.

Deluxe motor coaches and luxury busses are available for you to rent from American Charter Bus in Los Angeles, you can never go wrong with the well maintained and luxurious units that will pick you up and bring you to your intended place. Travel agencies and events organizing companies are just a few of the clients that we service in the area. Organizations, institutions and even corporations employ our services because they trust the assistance that we give them and you can count on us too! With almost a decade of serving in the transportation business, in spite of our relatively new company, we have what it takes to give you the best transportation solutions.

Founded in 2002 by Madanyan Enterprises, Inc. American Charter Bus provides passenger transportation for Event Planners, Tour Operators, Employers, Casino trips, Hospitals, Universities, Park Districts, Senior Centers, Private Groups and also Individuals. All Drivers are licensed and trained professionals who are qualified operators of all deluxe motor coaches, Charter Buses, and Minibus, with each driver having at least 10 years of experience. American Charter Bus is uniquely qualified, committed and prepared to furnish your organization with all of its ground transportation requirements.

American bus charter has been providing charter buses, minibuses, vans and SUV’s for all types of groups since 1988. We have wide variety of Charter buses that can accommodate any group size.

We care about our environment and that is the reason our fleet consists of mostly green vehicles. All of our vehicles are equipped with multiple monitors, DVD, CD, reclining seats, head rest, foot rest, microphone and wifi. We also have vehicles equipped with three point seat belts upon request.

Safety is our main concern, we offer the safest service available. Our vehicles get inspected each day by our professional staff and we also get our vehicles inspected by a CHP officer once a week to avoid any problems on the road. All of our vehicles are tracked by a GPS system which shows the vehicles location, speed and any unusual conduct.

All of our drivers are trained professionals with at least 10 years of commercial vehicle experience. Each driver is enrolled in a drug & alcohol program with random testing.

Charter buses come in different makes and models just like a regular car. We do not carry any inexpensive lower class coaches in our fleet, we only believe in the best. We acquire each vehicle brand new to ensure safety and reliability for each and every customer.
There are many bus companies to choose from but we ensure you that our new and green fleet, staff, safety and vehicle variety will provide you an unforgettable experience.
Seat back, relax and let us give you the safest transportation experience.